Given the regular hustle bustle of daily

Given the regular hustle bustle of daily life it is understandable that one may find it hard to find time for exercising and working out every day. Between finding time for work, studies, recreation and the myriad of daily activities that we must all undertake, it is no mean feat being able to fit in time for the gym everyday. Often, when you return from a long day at work or a stressful day at college you won’t want to head out to the gym to slave away the unwanted kilos.

So what’s the solution to this dilemma? Easy! Invest some money in an Elliptical Trainer and work out in the convenience and privacy of your own home and at your own timings. Elliptical Trainers make for an excellent workout because they provide good cardio exercise without making you exert beyond your endurance and strength. Once you decide to buy an Elliptical Trainer there are certain things that you will need to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

Before you decide on a particular machine you need to understand the exact role you expect it to play in your exercise routine. Are you going to be the only person using the trainer or will other members of your family be using it as well? Are you going to use it for only half an hour in a day, as is considered to be the average, or will you be spending more time on the machine? If more than one person is going to use the trainer, what is the amount of time the machine will be used everyday in total? The answer to all these questions will give you the kind of functionality you are to expect from the machine and should hence determine the quality of your purchase.

It is one of the most important factors of consideration when investing in exercise equipment. If you are going to be a light user your needs will not be that of a superlative machine and you will be able to get a auto-darkening helmet satisfactory performance from a middle-range piece as well. Once you have decided on the kind of performance you want, try to fix a budget in accordance with the same so that you can get quality without overspending. Elliptical Trainers can cost anywhere between $200 and $5000 so you will have to make a choice based on your particular circumstances.

It may seem like doing laundry should be the easiest thing

It may seem like doing laundry should be the easiest thing to do. But there is a right way to use your washing machine. Here are the steps you need to learn how to use your washing machine. You really do need to sort the clothes. Sorry.
Whites and bleached items: Clothes that are white, or undergarments, can be bleached. However, you dont want to bleach your dark jeans or your favourite blue sweater. Any clothes that are solid white, or can be bleached, should be put together in one basket.

Darks: Next you will want to pull out your dark colours. These dark colours can bleed onto other clothes, making your white and light colours dingy, dull and grey. To keep all of your clothes looking their best, place your darkest coloured clothes into another basket.

Colours: These are the clothes that are not dark in colour, but also can not be bleached. This list would include yellows and pastel colours. They are the light coloured clothes that might be made dull by washing with dark colours, and yet you would not want them to be bleached.

Towels, Denims and Reds: Some people also choose to wash towels and denim clothes separately because of their heavier weight. This is done to prevent the heavier items from damaging more delicate items in the wash cycle. If you have a great deal of red clothes in your wardrobe, you may also flowmeter Manufacturers want to wash them in a dedicated load.

Loading the Machine: A common mistake of many people is overloading the machine. However, this can result in your clothes not becoming as clean. More importantly, the machine can actually become damaged by overloading. To extend the life of your machine, and get your clothes truly clean, items should be loaded loosely, allowing space for them to agitate and rinse. Never cram items into a machine that is already full.

Adding the Soap: The top of your machine has a drawer where soap can be added. Follow the manufacturers directions on your machine for loading the soap, and follow the directions on your detergent bottle to find the proper amount to add. Liquid detergent should be placed directly in the machine, under the clothing.

Choosing the Temperature: Higher water temperatures do several things. For one thing, they are harder on your clothes. They also cost more as you will have to pay to heat the water that is being used. However, they can get your clothes cleaner. Due to the expense and wear on your clothes, higher temperatures should only be used on heavier fabrics that are heavily soiled. If you are washing delicate and lightweight items, they should be washed using cool water. You will save money on your washing, and you will not have to replace the clothes as often.

Through a healing circle

“Donna” was trapped in an agony of indecision.

Her eight-year marriage to a man older than she, of another ationality, culture, and religion, had never been easy. Now it was threatening to founder on the rocky shoals of severe financial strain and quarrels over in-laws. At age 29, she already had one child, a daughter nearly three years old.

She was pregnant again.

This time, Donna couldn’t feel the joy so many other women experience on learning this news. She thought there was a distinct possibility that she could end up raising not one but two children by herself, and that thought terrified her. Should she carry the fetus to term? What about an abortion? The choice was overwhelming. Her husband didn”t make things any easier. He said the decision was hers and refused to discuss his feelings about the pregnancy, leaving Donna more isolated and in greater pain.

Then a friend suggested a healing circle. “I didn’t realize you could do one for an unborn child,” Donna recalls. She found contacted the Sattva Institute. Jana Simons, institute co-founder, agreed to conduct the healing circle.

Although her husband didn’t believe in all this “metaphysical stuff,” as Jana calls it, he accompanied Donna and participated in the session. A couple who were friends of Donna and her husband also took part. Both of them, accomplished professionals, had never done anything like this before.

One point about healing circles. You don’t have to be a professional psychic, or even consider yourself to have any psychic ability, to take part in, contribute to, and benefit from a healing circle.

You need only know how to send love.

The little soul stands in the middle of our circle, undetectable to the five physical senses but perceptible to the four soul or psychic senses. Tousled dark hair spills out from under a tight-fitting, old-style aviator helmet. He–this soul clearly presents his form as male–is wearing a jumpsuit and a scarf. In the hand that he holds up is a model airplane that dives and loops and curls when he waves his arm. Next to him is what looks like an architect’s model of an office building, almost as tall as he.

He is self-assured with a genuine sweetness. There is also a hint of mischief and of a very strong will. He knows what he wants for this physical lifetime. He wants to fly airplanes. He tells us he has chosen Donna’s husband as a father partly because her husband is a licensed pilot with thousands of hours in the cockpit. He also says he’s interested in architecture and designing things.

He has a very full agenda for his next sojourn on earth. He’s so cute and bright and cheery that he moves some of us to smiles as we gather this information through our soul senses and pass it on to his would-be mother and father.

Then Donna blurts out a few jumbled phrases. She can barely put her feelings into words to explain to this soul why she is so reluctant just now to continue this pregnancy. Her painful quandary and distress are palpable.

The little aviator quickly understands. “I can wait,” he assures Donna several times during the session. “If the time is not right, I’ll wait.”

Before the session ends, the little aviator makes sure we all understand one thing. When he finally does arrive, by golly, he wants to be known by his father’s middle name.

The name suits him.

For twenty years, “Clara” suffered a wound that refused to heal. An elementary institute teacher, Clara was brought up in a small Russian Orthodox community in Pennsylvania. Her mother and father were first-generation immigrants in the days when it was not safe to proclaim a Russian heritage. Clara recalls being punished as a child for telling others about her Russian background.

“My mother denied her past and lived a facade,” Clara recalls. When cancer claimed her mother’s life, Clara felt she had never had the chance to say good-bye to her real mother. After five years, she turned to three years of daily psychiatric therapy and later tried psychotherapy again. The same thing happened both times. Traditional therapy could help her to a certain point. Past that point it was of no further use.

“I felt a pressure that no one could help me with,” she says. “When your problems touch on the spiritual, traditional doctors can’t do much. I had a spiritual injury that I couldn’t ignore.”

Prodded by her unrelenting need, Clara was open to an alternative approach. Her search for healing eventually led her to a healing circle through her daughter, Laura, who learned about it attending a class at the Sattva Institute.

When Clara found out about the possibility of contacting the dead, she asked for a healing circle, even though Laura had some doubts. “I knew the offer of a healing circle was right,” Clara says. “I felt it.”

Despite her confidence, Clara was taken aback by the proceedings. “It was shocking when I realized how real it was.”

Lives Transformed

Through a healing circle, Clara finally made peace with her mother–20 years after her mother’s physical body died. Through a healing circle, Donna was able to free herself emotionally to make a decision about her pregnancy.

Both women reaped totally unexpected dividends from their healing circles. Immediately after hers, Donna found that the nausea she had been experiencing in the early stages of her pregnancy simply vanished.

“My whole attitude changed. The pregnancy became something I accepted. It did something else for me,” Donna says of her session. “It made me realize that even if my marriage didn’t stay together, I still wanted the baby. It gave me more confidence in myself.”

The little aviator touched down on planet earth the following spring.

“I’m so glad now I chose to keep the baby,” Donna adds. “He came to help me with balance.”

Following her session, Clara found that other areas of her life also were healed. She felt more at ease with herself and less compelled to be with other people just to avoid being by herself. Equally important to her was that she now had some terms for the psychic abilities that were always so natural to her and her parents.

“It was a tremendous eye-opener to realize jacket manufacturers the reality of life after death and that other people felt this way,” Clara says.

Ironically, it was an unorthodox healing circle that reconciled Clara to the Russian Orthodox Church, which she rejoined. “The church is not open to this subject, but I’m in a whole different space.”

Now, when Clara makes the sign of the cross and follows other rituals, she’s aware of a much deeper, spiritual dimension to them. The ceremonies now hold a rich and very personal meaning for her. The rites are no longer just empty motions, done by rote and handed down as someone else’s truth.

A profound and powerful sense of relief and release surrounds and embraces all participants during a properly conducted healing circle.

The busbar processing device is latest machinery

The technology belongs to the most important aspects for our daily life. Thanks to the different improvements in the manufacturing world, now we have freedom to use a large number of machineries and gadgets, which will make our life greater than ever. Then again, this development is not stopped, and it keeps moving forward. The busbar processing device is latest machinery which used at the industrial segment and has a large number of features with compare in order to other machineries available on the market. The busbar processing unit contents with three key components, namely punching, chopping & bending. Since the busbar control machine can work being an all in one appliance, most corporate personals develop busbar processing machine rather than using a great deal of machineries.

Nevertheless, if a person a professional or can’t you create proper understanding about busbar refinement machine, then it is constantly better to get some kind of understanding about the same before you purchase it. Since you’ll want to have the machineries’ which suit for your professional business, and you will need to identify the actual will need of busbar processing machine in your business. Though this spend some time, it is much essential for your success of your internet business. In addition to of which, your busbar processing machine maintenance is required to be carried out according into the manufacturer’s instructions, and it can improve the efficiency with the machinery. Moreover, it can improve the productivity of your organization, and you can make more profits from your business accordingly.

Moreover, when you check on the in business structure of busbar running machines, the operating mechanism is really a really simple and one machine operator is jacket manufacturers able to do the needful to get the best output from your machines. The only thing could be the respective machine operator must be trained with professional knowledge and techniques and maneuvers, which make the operation much smoother. Last but not least, as a result of competition in the business we can see lots of busbar machine manufacturers are available in the industry, and you needs to select one of the best busbar machine according to the requirement.

YOUR thermal fax machine is usually said as an important asset with your business because it will assist you to in making markings on the labels for your needs. Having such a machine will probably be a great thing if it is possible to maintain well so you possibly can keep the function to your business. Similar to alternative devices, this fax machine can also be important to concern about the cleanliness to aid you to keep it in a good way. If you are unable to keep the appliance well, you will not get the best result in making your labels. To help you in getting more information in regards to the process of cleaning, it can be advised to check this kind of article out.

Military distributing technical information

Military distributing technical information via CD DVD
Schools archiving student records Software Companies distributing software on CD DVD Real Estate Promotions (listings, photo tours, virtual tours) Manuals on CD/DVD

Sending media rich newsletters that are too big for e-mail
Archiving digital photos. Imagine the horror of a hard drive crash and all of your family photos going with it.

Sharing family photos with other family members A professional photographer indexing and archiving pictures to CD or DVD
Individuals archiving tax records on CD/DVD

CDs or DVDs can be used to send large pictures/files to others
Small Indie bands can carry demo CDs to hand out
CDs or DVD are used to maintain GAAP for Public Accountants
Receipts and other documents can be scanned and saved on to CD or DVD. Imagine all the space saved.
Enthusiast film makers can create home movies on CD or DVD
Businesses can store tax records, sales records, and other information on to a CD or DVD.
Artist can create a high-quality portfolio to be stored on to CD or DVD. The cost savings will be huge.
Get your resume noticed! Send it in on CD or DVD with a video of yourself.
Animators can send in demo reels on CD or DVD to potential clients. This allows larger higher quality files to be displayed than downloads over the internet.
Special effects houses can send out demo CDs or DVD to prospective clients.
Adult websites can record content on to DVD or CD for resale.
Home owners can create an information package on CD or DVD to be handed out at open houses.
Disc can be used to back up a hard drive. Very useful to have in the event of a hard disk failure.
Telephone bills for large companies can be billed on a CD or DVD instead of paper.
Extreme sports can be captured on to CD or DVD and then sold on the internet.
Amateur backyard wrestling can be filmed and then burned to disc for resale or bragging rights.
Security cameras can be set to record to CD or DVD instead of VHS. This can be a cost savings.
Get noticed by the next reality TV show by sending your audition reel in on DVD!
Film students can duplicate their own movies for distribution.
Artist can create a virtual gallery to be recorded to CD or DVD. The disc can then be distributed to promote their art.
High Definition images can be burned to a CD. These images can then be played on a Plasma TV to form wall art.
A B&B guide can be burned onto a CD. This will greatly reduce the cost of publishing.
E commerce sites can print their website to PDF and then burn this to disc. These discs can then be sent as product catalogues.
Conference centers can place sales material onto a CD. This would enable a high impact message to be delivered and save on printing cost.
Large newsletters can be sent out on CD or DVD.
Museums can archive scanned or illustrated images of artifacts.
Art galleries can create a disc full of the art on display. The discs can then be sold.
Video Christmas letters can be sent to friends and family on CD.
A video of a house walk through can be placed on to CD then stored in a safe. The disc will be handy to have in case of fire. Will help prove to the insurance company you in fact did have a 60 inch Plasma TV.
Student manuals can be placed onto disc. Within the manual videos and other multi-media can be stored.
Music! Not until 41 do I come up with this. Of course custom CDs can be assembled from a private music collection or other sources.
Company financial statements can be delivered on disc.
Marine biologist can record scientific data on to DVDs or CDs
Wedding photographers can offer a video DVD or CD along with traditional photo sets
Welding helmet Employee handbooks can be placed on disc for easy access. Extreme skiers can attach a camera to their helmet to film a radical descent. Of course then burn it to CD or DVD and sell them.

It is expected that his primary sponsor

Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. recently announced that he will leave Dale Earnhardt Inc. (DEI), the company founded by his father, to drive for Hendrick Motorsports starting in 2008.

It is expected that his primary sponsor, Budweiser, will tag on him to his next team, although Budweiser still has a contract with DEI. Earnhardt, Jr. will take Kyle Busch’s spot in Hendrick Motorsports. Busch, meanwhile, will leave the organization at the end of the 2007 NEXTEL Cup season.

Earnhardt, Jr.s decision, like a dependable Gibson exhaust, elicited positive feedback from the NASCAR community. Todays announcement of Dale Earnhardt Jr.s move to Hendrick Motorsports is indeed an important announcement for this season and beyond, and it should be noted that high-profile partnerships have always been a part of NASCARs competitive history. There have been so many great partnerships involving people of great character and ability. Were proud of what they have brought to our sport. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always said that welding machine cable connectors first and foremost, he wants to win a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series championship. We wish him the best of luck, said Brian France, the NASCAR Chairman and CEO.

Tony Ponturo, the Vice President of Global Media and Sports Marketing Anheuser-Busch, Inc., has this to say: “Anheuser-Busch has enjoyed a remarkable relationship with Dale Earnhardt Jr. since our sponsorship commenced back in 1999. Dale Jr. is an excellent ambassador for the sport and our company, and we look forward to exploring options with Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports to continue Budweisers relationship with him as he enters this new stage of his racing career.”

“Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has been synonymous with the modern era of Chevy Motorsports with his 17 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series victories and two NASCAR Busch Series championships, all powered by the legendary small-block Chevy V8. Dale, Jr. has a choice in his future direction. We are proud he chose to stay with Team Chevy – the winningest name in motorsports with 609 wins and 30 championships – to pursue his championship bid. On behalf of General Motors and Chevrolet, congratulations to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Hendrick Motorsports on the announcement of their partnership,” noted Brent Dewar, General Motors North America Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Parts.

Even the American cable television network ESPN is backing the professional American drivers decision. I cant think of anything at all thats bigger. He hit a home run and hit it out of the ballpark. His father always loved Rick Hendrick and had a great admiration for him. With Junior finding that he can be in a car with points, hes assured that hes in all the races next year. Youll never risk any problems whether it rains or you have a blown engine that can keep you out of a race. I think he could have done well at Richard Childress next season, but there was one problem – he wouldnt have had points headed into the 2008 season, said Rusty Wallace, an ESPN analyst.

Wallaces workmate, Tim Brewer, added: I think its a great decision because he wants to go and win races and win championships. Hes going to make the change for himself, get in a good race car and hell get the job done. They are proven winners and proven champions at Hendrick. The combination hes had hasnt been working, and thats no disrespect to anyone. If I were him I would show up, not even take my helmet, and just ask which car do you want me to get in? If Id implemented a change and gone this far, I believe Id make a big change.

These are all entertaining ways to exhibit your sexy

Getting your profile noticed with an adult personal photo isn’t difficult if you know the flattering qualities one looks for. The competition is unyielding, so it’s imperative you show off your best assets to flaunt your personality and grab the attention. The secret is selecting the best pictures that highlight the type of thrill you offer and the excitement you seek. Remember, just as you will rate adult photos according to your taste, so will the person perusing your flicks.

Review these 3 steps to ensure you ignite the sexiness before you post your adult photo;

1. Flattering Qualities Count

Rate your best physical asset? Before scheduling that all important photo shoot, ask friends and family for feedback. You need to determine your best quality. There’s at least one thing that’s unique, striking, and memorable about you. This could be the golden color of your eyes, your winning smile or dimples, your curvaceous figure, or the way you look in a particular outfit. And if you’re not sure or can’t decide on the most flattering quality, start with digital flicks and choose those that stand out.

It’s an adult photo, so get creative! Those adult dating sites are crammed with plentiful images of body parts. It may be nice to show off your best physical assets, but keep it tasteful. This shows the playful yet seductive side of you. Keep in mind, showing too much leaves little for the imagination. You want them coming back for more, wondering what their missing and pleading for an in-person experience.

2. Appreciating the Undertones

Individuals frequenting the adult personals need a memorable manner to remember you. Think creatively and determine what will compliment you best. Selecting the best colors will compliment you’re the inner and outer you. Colors highlighting the shade of your hair and eyes will only complement the picture. Discover your best hues and learn which colors are best to avoid.

Now, complimenting with color doesn’t mean combining bright neon colors with a swinger’s attire. Consider a more unique mellow influence tc 08a that call out to the opposite sex. Those combinations that call you to stare or touch will create a dramatic mood. Vary your wardrobe and create an atmosphere that piques the interest of those seeking companionship.

3. Exhilarating Scenery What exciting trinkets can you include in your pictures to show a side of your personality? Passionate about motorcycles? What about thigh high boots, a helmet and riding gloves; Skiing; goggles, skiis, ear muffs all while wearing a bikini; Use your pictures to exhibit hobbies, fantasies or places you enjoy. This shows your unique character and enthusiasm for life.

These are all entertaining ways to exhibit your sexy side and create attention-grabbing profiles in your adult photo personals but remember what you portray is the type of attention you’ll attract. During your adult photo exchange, remember privacy rules, guidelines and take it slow.

Although kayaking is a relatively easier form of surface water sport

Although kayaking is a relatively easier form of surface water sport, beginners need to learn some fundamentals to master the sport. There are some questions that arise in the mind of every amateur kayaker, which need to be resolved to improve their performance. These FAQs (frequently asked questions) are related to various aspects like choosing the right kayaks, paddling techniques, various disciplines of kayaking and kayaking accessories.

Resolving few FAQs

The following are the most frequently asked questions:

Q. Which is the good kayak for a beginner?

A. A sit on top kayak is a very good option for amateur kayakers welding equipment manufacturers as they are stable and easy to maneuver. If opting for sit in kayaks, then it is always advisable to opt for kayaks which have initial stability and larger cockpits. Recreational kayaks are the best choice for novice kayaker. As paddlers gain more experience they can go for sleeker models.

Q. Which is the best kayak?

A. It is not possible to select any specific type of kayak as the best. There are various kayaks designed for specific purposes and perform well in particular conditions. Thus, whitewater kayaks would be compact and have great maneuverability but would not be ideal for tracking.
On the other hand flatwater kayaks would have greater stability and great at tracking but not desirable to be used on gushing rapids.

Q. Is it possible to use the same kayak for river as well as sea kayaking?

A. Although it is possible, it is definitely not recommended. River kayaking requires kayaks that are compact and turn easily while flatwater or sea kayaks need good tracking features. Usually squirt or slalom kayaks are used for whitewater kayaking while recreational kayaks are used for sea kayaking.

Q. What is the most essential gear for kayaking?

A. Apart from the kayak and the paddle, a kayaker must not venture for a kayaking session without a personal floatation device (PFD i.e. life jacket) and a helmet. While going for whitewater kayaking, a spray skirt is also equally important. It is also recommended to carry a wetsuit or a drysuit, good shoes and a dry bag.

Q. What are the different materials used for kayaks?

A. Kayaks are made of plastic, fiberglass, wood, Kevlar and fabric. Plastic and fiberglass are used the most with plastic kayaks being the toughest among all. However, they are heavy, difficult to transport and repair.

Fiberglass kayaks are more expensive than plastic kayaks but are faster. They are much lighter in weight as well and hence easy to carry. Fabric and wooden kayaks are labour intensive and more expensive than others. Fabric is usually used in making folding kayaks.

Q. What are the major points to focus on while buying a kayak?

A. Before buying a kayak, paddlers must take as many test rides or demos as possible. Unless and until paddlers do not ride the kayak, they would not get the feel and judge its performance. Also, paddlers can verify the stability of the kayak by leaning over the sides. The four most critical elements to test before buying a kayak are speed, maneuverability, tracking and initial and final stability.

It is a good idea to help you children

Todays technology is fun and all around us. Yet there are some drawbacks to it as well. Many parents fondly remember the days when they spent the summer outdoors playing with their friends. Even after school they would find great activities to take part in until dinner time. Too many children today though end up sitting in the house playing video games, watching TV, or looking at stuff on the internet.

Get outside for exercise each day is very important to children. Statistics show that overweight children are at an all time high. There are many great outdoor activities that can get your kids off the couch and outdoors. Skateboarding is one of them that they will find to be challenging as well as exciting. Instead of you telling them to get outside and find something to do, you will likely need to go out there and get them when you need for them to come back in.

You need spend a lot of time to learn skateboarding the right way. It doesnt end there though as the basics are just the beginning. Then your child can work on getting faster, learning tricks, and more. They can also use their skateboard as a way to get to school, the park, or the library. They will find it more convenient than riding a bike and it will save you from being their taxi.

One important thing, you need to take the time to review skateboarding equipment. Many parents dont realize that the type of skateboarding deck and wheels have a significant impact on what a child can do with it. Find out what they plan to take part in so you can offer them the right product. You also want to make sure they have a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads that fit properly. They should always have these items on any time they are using their skateboard.

It is a good idea to help you children to find great tips online or buy them DVDs that they can watch indoors. This way they can take the information they watch and apply it as they learn to ride their skateboard. The more that they learn, they more confident they will become in their abilities. Then they will start to become creative and come up with new ideas that they can implement on their own as well.

This is a great way to get your child active on a regular basis. The thrill of riding a skateboard is one that they will want to take part in several times a week. Many children ride theirs daily as long as the weather permits them to do so.

Encourage your child to take part in skateboarding if they have expressed any type of interest in it. You want them to be in the habit of getting off the couch and outdoors from a very early age. The longer you allow them to be inside with various forms of technology the harder it will be for them to break such habits. You want to raise happy and healthy children. mma dc
Many of them arent fond of exercise that is hard work or that is boring. Yet they will have the opportunity to get plenty of exercise when they ride a skateboard. They will be having so much fun with it that they arent even going to think of it as exercise or work. Instead they will view it as an activity that gives them the freedom to express themselves in a way that reflects their interests and who they are.

Whenever you use an instrument

Whenever there are tools there are always ways to maintain them as new for a longer time, there are ways to improve their efficiency and there are ways to make them as productive as possible. Thermal Flow Meters Are Parts of Industrial Tools and Equipment

1. As industrial tools, Welding helmet the thermal flow meter will need special care to ensure that its operational functions remain accurate and up-to date. As any other industrial tool, if you find that your thermal flow meter is 3/4th defective; do not bother to repair it. It is easer and better to replace it than repair it, because if you have repaired a meter once it would need to be repaired again and again thereby covering more than the cost of what it would have cost to get a new meter.

2. Make it a point to provide regular maintenance – “a stitch in time saves nine” is true and applicable to every situation. It is always easier to prevent something from happening, that repairing the damages done. This is due to the fact that if you save a crack from opening up in time it would be easier to repair and also cheaper than to get the joint working when the damage has already been done. Hence, maintenance of the thermal flow meter will go a long way to give you accurate readings, and help you assess correctly the situation.

3. Always use protective gear when working with industrial tools – whether you need a helmet, or gloves, or special light goggles, or a special outfit, take safety measures seriously. Do not tempt fate at any time. In case of accident, be aware where the local hospital and while maintaining clame send him to hospital. However, if you always had a thermal flow meter then you should know its uses. In case you do not, it is better to get someone who is familiar with it. Its better to learn something than to do everything on your own and also experiment with what you have done.

4. Whenever you need to remove or add screws to the thermal flow meter, be careful that you do it well. It is disastrous to spoil a pilot and then you can not put a foot on the bridge in many places. I will always remember the answer of my husband even today, after 21 years – ‘then we will put our foot elsewhere; but if you do not allow him to make his mistakes, he would not know ever that there is a bridge even!”

5. Whenever you use an instrument, use it correctly, as it is prescribed – do not cut corners when you are applying the rules. Not only you will risk personal injury, you will risk damaging the tool and may a great deal of other damages. These are like basic ground rules. They are here in context with the thermal flow meters; however, these are applicable to all the instruments under the same scheme. Hopefully, this article opens someone’s eyes.